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R2Devops 1.0.0 release

Let's celebrate the V1.0.0! 🥳 The whole platform has evolved, and a lot of new features appeared. Our goal: simplify the processes and be more open and enhance collaboration. Let’s get a tour of all the updates implemented in this release 👇

Major changes

The V1.0.0 of R2Devops focuses on our sharing and open source values. Listening to our community’s feedback, we improved the platform so that everyone can link their GitLab CI/CD jobs in the platform.

Here comes the main enhancement: you can now link a job in a few seconds from your own repository. No need to create a merge request or respect a mandatory structure, you can follow your own rules!

Link your job in R2Devops

Check out our tutorial to see how it works.

In a nutshell: you link your GitLab account, select your repository and provide the path of your job. Et voilà ! Your job is available through R2Devops.

Note that the job's URL was updated (see the deprecation section for more information):

  • Old format:<version>/<job_name>.yaml
  • New format:<owner>/<job_name>/<version>.yaml

Good to know

All jobs published and validated by R2Devops are tagged as "official" unlike other jobs that will be "community".

UX and design improvements

In this new version, the whole platform has evolved. You might even feel lost at first: from a static platform developed using material for MkDocs, we are now a dynamic website build in React and Go. ✌🏻

But don’t worry, everything is still here: you will find the jobs’ list on the page Jobs explorer.

Discover your personal space

You can now connect via your GitLab account in one click or signup via email to create your personal space. This will be your own central place to manage all your jobs, your user profile and many more features in the future (no spoil).

Link your job in R2Devops

Update the terms of use and privacy policies

In order to offer you an optimal experience on, we updated the terms of use and the privacy policy of the platform. Get a look at them to see in details what’s new.

Minor changes

Other adjustments were uploaded on this new version of R2Devops. Here’s the list of minor changes.

New website for the documentation and creation of the FAQ

To simplify your navigation, we hosted the documentation on a new website:

Link your job in R2Devops

And we added a FAQ to answer all your questions. If you can’t find an answer in here, you can let us know by filling our form. We will answer you and add your question in the FAQ as soon as possible.

Creation of the blog

Last but not least: R2Devops has now a blog! 🥳

We’ll publish tutorials on how to use the platform, general articles about CI/CD and release note, giving you details on our latest work.

Good to know

You can publish some content in R2Devops’ blog too! Just fork the blog’s project and create a MR with your blog article. Once it’s done, just add @drousch in review. If you need more details on how to contribute, follow our tutorial.


Usage of jobs URL from the previous version of R2Devops (starting with*) is now deprecated, but will continue to work until further notice.

What’ next

We’ll keep working on the improvement of developers’ journey. We plan on developing the hub and increase the number of jobs in the library, relying on members of our open source community and the work of R2Devops’ employees! We want to build the open source CI/CD of tomorrow, and ease the CI/CD process for every developer.

Give us feedback on the next features

You can take a look at our roadmap page to see the next features we plan to develop and vote for your favorite one!