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R2Devops 1.1.0 release

In April, we've listened to you and have implemented some features according to your feedback. Plus we keep on working on the product to make your life easier!

Major improvements

Some major improvements have been made on the design of the platform, with new features to display and sort the jobs.

Row display for the job’s card

Job cards can now be displayed as rows or cards, it’s up to you!

Display your job in column or cards in R2Devops

Filters column on the job explorer

We added a filter column on the job explorer page. You can now easily filter the jobs by labels and/or tier, and find the job you need without knowing it’s name!

Filter the jobs easily in R2Devops

Sort jobs by Most recent or Best rated

Finally, we added a last option for you to sort the jobs on the Jobs’ explorer. You can choose to display them by order of last added, or regarding the grade they have!

Sort your job in R2Devops

Minor improvements

Some minor modifications were made, allowing a better navigation on the platform.

Modifications of the theme toggle

In can put R2Devops in light or dark mode. If you have created an account, you’ll see that the theme toggle is a lightsaber (directly issue of Star Wars movies)! 🤖

Our team added the content of the pages Terms of use and Legal Notice.

A new entry in the Personal Profile page

We updated an entry in the Personal Profile page of the Settings space. It’s the goodies code entry. We made a special launch and invited some people to join R2Devops with a goodies code.

Job’s description have been truncate

In order to gain a bit of space on the cards, we had to truncate the job’s description on the cards of the homepage and the Jobs explorer page. We have also reduced the size of the cards in the Jobs explorer page.

Tracking with no cookies

In order to see which actions are made on the website, we implemented some tracking events using Plausible. Plausible doesn’t use cookies. You can take a look at the tracking dashboard for R2Devops!

We are on Open Collective

You can now access from the footer our Open Collective page, and support us in the development of R2Devops!

Add a star on your favorite job’s repository

We added a section in the job description to give you fast access to the repository of the jobs you are using. You can see the numbers of stars and fork, and add a star in one click!

Add a star in R2Devops

Modification of the form in the roadmap page

The form on the Roadmap page will be shown automatically after 3 seconds. We hope it will help gather feedback!

Bug fixes

Finally, a few bugs were fixed during the last month.

Allows dot in the username

Everything is said, you can now add a . in your username.

Fix bug on navigation

When you were navigating on the Jobs’ explorer, they were some problem on the navigation. When you edited a specific search, you wouldn’t go back to the list of all jobs by clicking once again on the Jobs explorer link in the navigation. Now it will reset your search.


To simplify the default pipeline, we are going to group both stages static_tests and dynamic_tests into only one: tests, after the build stage.

Will you be impacted ?

  • If you are not using Official job from stages static_tests or dynamic_tests: NO
  • If you are using Official job from stages static_tests or dynamic_tests with only fixed versions (not latest): NO
  • If you are using at least one Official job from stages static_tests or dynamic_tests with latest version: YES

What's the impact

The pipeline configuration will be invalid because stage tests is not declared in your stages list but used in job(s).

How to fix it

Update your stages list by adding tests and removing static_tests and dynamic_tests stages.

Join us on Discord

In order to be informed of all the modifications we made on our platform in real time, you can join our Discord Community!