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R2Devops 1.1.3 release

New month, new features! Let’s discover what changed in R2Devops in July.

Major improvements

We did some major changes on the website, especially regarding the design of some pages.

New design for the personal dashboard and connected pages

You might have seen it: the design of the pages accessible once connected was completely reviewed. Now it looks like an app, with the navigation bar displayed on the left side of your screen.

Don’t worry, you’ll find there the same information as before:

  • your GitLab and GitHub projects is the main page, so you can generate easily your pipeline.

  • your jobs are displayed under the Resources panel, along with the hub.

  • in the settings, you can modify your account and profile.

  • you can access easily the documentation from the bottom of the page.

New dashboard on R2Devops

Fill your GitLab token

It is now mandatory to fill your GitLab token in order to add a job in the hub. It is a prerequisite for you to add a job from a private repository.

Import a private job

This is a brand-new feature! Since the end of July, you can now add a job and make it private.


A private job is a job accessible only by you and the people you share the link of the job with, or the people working with you on the same GitLab and GitHub project.

Link a private job on R2Devops

Edit a pipeline directly once it’s generated

On your project dashboard, you can edit a pipeline directly once it’s generated. Until now, you had to save it, and then you could access the customization panel.

Customize a pipeline directly when it's generated

PNPM jobs are now supported on the Pipeline Generator

⚠️this feature is currently disabled on R2Devops⚠️

Do you know about PNPM? It’s a package manager you can use to replace NPM or Yarn, with better performances.


We added 3 PNPM job’s:

All the pnpm jobs in R2Devops

Minor improvements

Other changes were made in, to enhance the navigation on the platform and ensure the best usability for our users.

Display your private jobs in your personal dashboard and in the hub

As we said in the major improvements, you can now add a private job in R2Devops. You can easily access it from your personal dashboard, in My Jobs section, as well as from the hub, selecting the private filter.

Public and private toggle in R2Devops personal dashboard

To simplify your journey on, we designed a new interface when you link a job. Now, the major steps are written in a breadcrumb trail. It makes it easier for you to know how many steps you’ll have to pass to link a job!👇

Breadcrumb in R2Devops to import a job

Delete your customization

Last week, we realized that you were allowed to customize a pipeline generated by R2Devops, but that you couldn’t delete the customization once done. It’s now fixed!

Save and trigger your pipeline after customization

Another minor improvement: you can now save or save and trigger your pipeline after customization, directly from R2Devops!

Save and trigger after customization in R2Devops

Jobs’ updates and new jobs

During the past month, we updated many official jobs of R2Devops. Among them: