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R2Devops 1.2.3 release

What did we do in December? 📅
We will reveal the progress of R2Devops in this article 👇

Major improvements

Self-hosted R2Devops and its documentation are now available

We finalized the R2Devops Self-Hosted version, and it’s now available for use 🥳
Along with its release, comprehensive documentation has also been made available to assist users in getting the most out of this tool. This self-hosted version allows for even greater control and customization, making it a valuable asset for any organization looking to optimize their software development process. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive documentation, R2Devops self-hosted version is sure to become a go-to solution for teams looking to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Optimization of the API to get jobs from pipeline

The optimization of the API to get jobs from the pipeline has resulted in significant improvements in reliability and scalability. These improvements ensure that the API can handle a large volume of requests without experiencing any downtime or performance issues. As a result, organizations that rely on this API to manage their pipelines can rest assured that they will be able to get the jobs they need in a timely and reliable manner, without having to worry about performance issues or other disruptions.

Minor improvements

  • Job security reports for jobs coming from the Hub repository have been added to job page, in the right panel:

Image of the security reports

  • We enhance query error messages
  • We enhance the job documentation design/size and add the possibility to write emoji (like this “:emoji:”).
  • On R2Devops, you can now expand and collapse left menu sidebar at will, once connected!
  • Add GitLab/Details/Changelog tab to job page inside the hub sidebar on the playground page

Gif of the tabs inside the hub sidebar of the Playground

  • On jobs rows inside the graphical view of the playground page, we now display icons depending on the job sources:
    • From private catalog
    • From community(public) catalog
    • From R2Devops official jobs
    • From unknown source or raw
  • The main content of the playground is now automatically minimized when the right sidebar of the catalog is opened.
  • We added pagination and search bar in the projects page:

Image of the searchbar in projects page

  • We now display the job variables editor when we click on a job name inside the graphical pipeline view in the playground:

Gif of the Job variable editor

Jobs’ updates