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Pitfalls of a perfectionist mindset to build a startup

· 7 min read
Thomas Boni
CTO & Co-Founder of R2Devops

Picture of Thomas Boni

Thomas Boni, CTO & Co-Founder of R2Devops, told its enlightening story at Scaleway’s recent “The Jam” event in Paris. Discover how his engineer’s perfectionist mindset doesn’t always fit with that of a flexible startup founder… and how he overcame that gap!

In 2020, my co-founder Aurélien Coget and I started our own consulting business, helping other companies to develop their DevOps methodologies. We both have pronounced engineer mindsets, I should point out at this stage.

Begin in CI/CD

Our main focus was on CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment). We offered a way to automate testing, building, and deployment of clients’ software. Our clients were happy with the value we provided, and we grew quickly to a staff of eight.

However, we felt like we were reinventing the wheel every time. Creating a CI/CD pipeline requires considerable effort. After all this effort, you have something that’s great for your customers, but you also create a single point of failure in their development workflow.

Because, if one day the pipeline stops working, the developers can’t code anymore. So it’s become really critical.