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1.37 Release

· One min read
Docker Image Versions
  • Backend: v1.37.0
  • Frontend: v1.33.2
  • Helm chart: v1.37.0

🔍 CI/CD Compliance Settings | Self-Managed Only

What is the 'compliance tab'?

The compliance tab inside the R2Devops dashboard allows you to check if projects respect a defined compliance established by the organization.

You can create a compliance list definition, shared across your organization.

For each list:

  1. Select a name
  2. Select a color (optional)
  3. Select a description (optional)
  4. Select labels (labels assigned to your 'Marketplace templates')
  5. Save
  6. Your list is now shared across your organization
  7. Identify all compliant and non-compliant projects with this list

Define compliance list

⚙️ Minor Updates

  • CI/CD Editor:
    • Improve graphic view to prevent window resizing while typing
    • Restore page access in self-managed localhost instance
  • Introduce a debug mode to facilitate support for self-managed R2Devops instances
  • Marketplace: Improve loading skeleton design when changing tabs
  • Dashboard: Improve registry settings text