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R2Devops and to be continuous: collaborating to improve Open-Source CI/CD!

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In the world of CI/CD, there is currently a notable absence of projects that facilitate the knowledge sharing and collaboration among developers. This often results in developers duplicating efforts and reinventing the wheel. To address this issue, initiatives like R2Devops and to be continuous have emerged. These projects promote collaboration and innovation within the open source community, aiming to improve the quality and reusability of code in the world of CI/CD. Let's take a closer look at those projects 👇

What are R2Devops & to be continuous?

Both R2Devops and to be continuous are open-source projects that aim to simplify the process of creating CI/CD pipelines for developers on GitLab.

The R2Devops platform offers a marketplace of open source CI/CD templates that are versioned & documented. This allows developers to quickly and easily access a range of pipeline templates, saving them time and effort in building and maintaining their own pipelines from scratch.

Screenshot of R2Devops marketplace

to be continuous is also an open-source project providing ready-to-use templates developed and maintained by DevOps & technology experts. These templates not only save time and effort but also promote and enforce the best DevOps practices, such as efficient Git workflows, standard CI/CD stages, shortened dev cycles, DevSecOps tools, and standardized deployment environments. To easily discover and configure these templates, developers can rely on Kicker, an interactive tool designed to generate pipeline code.

Screenshot of Kicker

Overall, both R2Devops and to be continuous are valuable resources for developers seeking to simplify and standardize their CI/CD pipeline authoring processes and improve the efficiency of their software development workflows.

Collaboration between R2DevOps and to be continuous

R2Devops and to be continuous share a common goal and, as a result, have collaborated to create benefits for both projects and the community.

One notable outcome of this collaboration is the integration of to be continuous templates into the R2Devops Marketplace, expanding the range of options made available to developers when building their pipelines. By leveraging their strengths, both projects now offer a more comprehensive solution for the community, resulting in a more seamless experience for developers and valuable resources to simplify their pipeline authoring processes.

Accelerating Standardization through Open-Source

In addition to the obvious benefits of code sharing and reuse, open-source has the ability to accelerate the emergence of standards.

Proprietary software lacks this capability. One of the beauties of free software is its ability to catalyze the emergence of standards through the confrontation of practices in a process of pseudo-natural selection and self-organized democracy.

R2Devops and to be continuous are clear examples of how providing reusable and well-maintained resources to developers and businesses can significantly reduce time, costs and allow developers to focus on other tasks that actually bring value. But our aspirations are much more ambitious than that. Our ultimate objective is to contribute to the standardization of the CI/CD domain, so that one day all DevOps engineers speak a common, trivialized language, just like so many other areas of IT.


The recent collaboration between R2Devops & to be continuous marks a significant breakthrough in the field of open source CI/CD. The pooling of resources is the first step of a collective construction, that will benefit all GitLab developers worldwide! By collaborating and promoting open-source standards, R2Devops and to be continuous are driving innovation and making it easier for developers to improve their software development workflows.