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R2Devops and to be continuous: collaborating to improve Open-Source CI/CD!

· 3 min read

In the world of CI/CD, there is currently a notable absence of projects that facilitate the knowledge sharing and collaboration among developers. This often results in developers duplicating efforts and reinventing the wheel. To address this issue, initiatives like R2Devops and to be continuous have emerged. These projects promote collaboration and innovation within the open source community, aiming to improve the quality and reusability of code in the world of CI/CD. Let's take a closer look at those projects 👇

What are R2Devops & to be continuous?

Both R2Devops and to be continuous are open-source projects that aim to simplify the process of creating CI/CD pipelines for developers on GitLab.

The R2Devops platform offers a marketplace of open source CI/CD templates that are versioned & documented. This allows developers to quickly and easily access a range of pipeline templates, saving them time and effort in building and maintaining their own pipelines from scratch.

Screenshot of R2Devops marketplace