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Local Docker compose

Only for testing purposes on your local computer

This page describes how to quickly setup a self-managed instance of R2Devops for testing purposes using Docker-compose on your local computer. This is not suitable for production

See production ready methods on Home page

Data Confidentiality

During the analysis, no data leaves your environment, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your information.

💻 Requirements

🦊 GitLab Application

  1. On your GitLab instance, open the Applications page: Your picture > Preferences > Applications (example:
  2. Create an application with the following information :
    • Name: R2Devops self-managed
    • Redirect URI : http://localhost:3001/api/auth/gitlab/callback
    • Confidential: true (let the box checked)
    • Scopes: api
  3. Click on Save Application and you should see the following screen: Application
  4. Keep this GitLab tab open, the Application ID and Secret will be used in the configuration step

📥 Setup your environment

  1. Clone the repository locally
    git clone r2devops
    cd r2devops
  2. Create your configuration files
    cp .env.local.example .env
    cp .docker/r2devops/config.local.json.example .docker/r2devops/config.json

📚 Update the configuration

  1. Edit the .env file: copy/paste the Application ID and the Secret from the application you just created

  2. Only if you use a SaaS version of GitLab (like edit the .env file to add the name of your top-level group in ORGANIZATION variable (else, let it empty):

  3. Replace <your-gitlab-url> by domain of your GitLab server in the following command and run it:

    export GITLAB_INSTANCE_URL="https://<your-gitlab-url>"
  4. Run the following commands to update configuration:

    sed -i."" "s|GITLAB_INSTANCE_URL|${GITLAB_INSTANCE_URL}|g" .docker/r2devops/config.json
  5. Run the following commands to generate random secrets for all components:

    sed -i."" "s/REPLACE_ME_BY_SECRET_KEY/$(openssl rand -hex 32)/g" .env
    sed -i."" "s/REPLACE_ME_BY_JOBS_DB_PASSWORD/$(openssl rand -hex 16)/g" .env
    sed -i."" "s/REPLACE_ME_BY_JOBS_REDIS_PASSWORD/$(openssl rand -hex 16)/g" .env
    sed -i."" "s/REPLACE_ME_BY_S3_SECRET_KEY/$(openssl rand -hex 16)/g" .env

🔐 (Optional) Add your license

License key

If you do not have a license key, you can let the variable LICENSE empty (value: ""). Your R2Devops instance will be limited to 5 projects.

Add your license key (provided by R2Devops): edit the .env file by updating value of LICENSE variable:


🚀 Launch R2Devops !

  1. Start R2Devops
    docker compose -f compose.local.yml up -d
  2. Open your R2Devops test instance 👉 click here 🎉