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Never reinvent the wheel again in your CI/CD

· 3 min read
Aurélien Coget
CEO & Co-Founder of R2Devops


Tired of reinventing the wheel every time you start a new project? R2Devops not only puts an end to this tiresome cycle but also transforms the way your developers interact with and reuse code within your organization.

🤯 The CI/CD experience

❌ Without R2Devops:

In the pre-R2Devops era, developers often scoured various sources, from existing projects to the vast expanses of the internet, in search of code snippets and configurations. This scattered approach led to inconsistency, wasted time, and the risk of incorporating suboptimal solutions.

✅ With R2Devops:

Your developers experience a paradigm shift. Templates become the backbone of your inner source culture. Imagine a centralized catalog of pre-approved, company-specific templates that developers can easily access. The days of searching the internet or project repositories are over.

How to migrate your CI/CD configuration with R2Devops?

· 6 min read

CI/CD is nowadays mandatory to ensure a good developer experience. It’s primordial to test your code, ensure security, package, build documentation, deploy…
Today, the challenge is to do all of this faster and faster, while maintaining a high standard of quality. Fortunately, R2Devops can simplify your CI/CD processes and ease the updates of your configuration.

Why should you use R2Devops for your CI/CD configuration?

As you probably know, configure a strong CI/CD pipeline requires a lot of knowledge, and you spend too much time doing it. Another negative point is that developers usually rewrite their code from a project to another because they don’t centralize their code.

R2Devops is a collaborative and open-source platform of CI/CD jobs, made by developers for developers. Using the platform, it’s the promise to save a considerable amount of time and avoid code duplication. You need only a few clicks to implement a powerful ready-to-go pipeline.In addition, R2Devops also has a strong community of DevOps developers that will help for every question you have about CI/CD.Let’s see how to use the hub to configure a strong pipeline 👇

Why using R2Devops’ official jobs?

· 4 min read

You probably already heard about CI/CD. If not, we recommend you to read those two articles about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

As a reminder, a job is a set of instructions to perform actions on your project. Comining several jobs together is the key to create a powerful pipeline. We will explain to you why you should use R2Devop’s official jobs. 👇🏼

Guaranteed security with official jobs

On, you will find a library of CI/CD jobs, some are officials and some are published by the community. Official jobs are jobs written or reviewed by R2Devops’ technical team. The community ones are personal jobs put online by the community, without examination from us.

All our official jobs go through a strong security pipeline. We made it to ensure tthey are all safe to use in your pipelines! Here is a schema of our security pipeline, where you can retrieve all the steps:

Schema of R2Devops’ security pipeline