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The first page of the dashboard is the overview page, offering a quick summary of projects within the current organization.

On this page, you'll find two global scores:

Global scores

🛡️ Security Score

The security score is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Visibility and protection of CI/CD variables used in the configuration file (see Security/Variables tab)
  • Detection of secrets leaks inside the CI/CD configuration file; we also scan the merged configuration (see Security/Secrets tab)
  • Status of container images used in jobs of the CI/CD configuration file (see Security/Containers tab)

🏆 Maintainability Score

The maintainability score is calculated based on the following criteria:

  • Number of projects using reusable resources, such as templates and R2Devops templates
  • Number of projects using up-to-date CI/CD resources (see Job Usage tab)

Inside the Projects Table

The maintainability status displayed on the projects table is based on the composition of the CI/CD configuration file, calculated according to:

  • Compliance with templates and template usage
  • Presence of hardcoded jobs and the number of lines

🤿 More In-Depth

Weight of Each Criterion

Each criterion has a weight used to calculate the global score, signifying that some criteria are more impactful than others.

Penalty System

To account for critical criteria, a penalty system is implemented. If a criterion is not met, the score is reduced by a certain percentage.

Current criteria with penalties:

  • Secrets leaks inside the CI/CD configuration file
  • Container image status declared as unsafe, indicating it comes from a non-official registry inside Docker Hub