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R2Devops 1.15.0 release

Docker images versions

  • Backend: v1.14.2
  • Frontend: v1.10.0

🏃 Introducing the New Runners Dashboard in R2Devops! 🏃

Elevate your CI/CD management with the GitLab Runners Dashboard.

Gif of runners dashboard

What's Inside

🔍 Centralized Runner View: Easily spot all runners in your organization without the project hunt.

🎯 Fine-tuned Filters: Find runners using advanced filters for type, status, upgrades, last contact, tags, and executors.

Coming Soon

📝 Create Issues Directly: Instantly create issues for project runner updates.

📋 Assigned Project List: See projects assigned to each runner at a glance.

📊 Detailed Runner Insights: Dive deep into runner details for informed decisions.

Minor updates