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R2Devops 1.3.1 release

R2Devops 1.3.1 released with New UI/UX Design, To Be Continuous templates, Enhanced Tags Integration, and Badges for GitLab Projects.

New UI/UX design

R2Devops platform gets a makeover!
A brand-new design and an improved interface for a better understanding of the users 💥

Gif of the new design of the platform

New to be continuous jobs

We recently partner with To Be Continuous, and they add all their templates on R2Devops! 🧩 You can find them by searching by “to-be-continuous” label on the marketplace 🔥

Gif of the to be continuous jobs

This is the first verified publisher on the marketplace, paving the way for all others.
You can now apply as a verified publisher to easily distribute your tools on GitLab CI!

General git tag are now supported

R2Devops now handle general and specific tag
When you reload your templates, R2Devops retrieves:

  • specific tags prefixed with the template name,
  • General repository tags.

scheme of the R2Devops' Tags

R2Devops’ badges on GitLab projects

You can now earn R2Devops badges on your GitLab repositories 🥇

👉🏻 The “R2Devops - Catalog” Badge when adding a repo as a catalog on Badge Catalog

👉🏻 The “R2Devops - CI/CD powered” Badge when committing changes from the playground. Badge CI/CD powered

Minor updates

  • Update Open API Documentation.
  • Improve the way to retrieve stages and images from templates.
  • Re-order labels in alphabetical order.
  • Only repo maintainers can now manage source catalogs.
  • Improve S3 performasnces to retrieve templates files.
  • Bug fixed in the import process, preventing loss of information on the sources.


R2Devops version 1.3.1 brings a whole new level of user experience with its improved UI/UX design, To Be Continuous templates, new rules for tag integration, and badges for GitLab projects. The new version promises to offer better usability for all users! 🔥