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R2Devops 1.28.3 Release

Docker Image Versions

  • Backend: v1.27.0
  • Frontend: v1.24.3

Chart Helm Version


🚀 Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines Detection

Discover GitLab projects running CI/CD pipelines on Jenkins:

  • Presence of JenkinsFile
  • Jenkins GitLab integration
  • Jenkins Webhook

Jenkins CI/CD Details

🔍 One-stop For All CI/CD Pipeline Activity

The CI/CD Editor page displays details of the latest running or completed pipeline for each project.

Latest Pipeline Information

🎛 Selective Project Analysis | Self-Managed Only

Self-managed instances with organization licenses can now selectively analyze projects, enabling users to choose specific projects for analysis within license limits.

Selective Project Analysis

🔧 Minor Updates and Improvements

  • Enhanced control over the analysis process through a dedicated control box for triggering.
  • Unlock marketplace and templates imports for self-managed localhost version.
  • Welcome two new ambassadors! Check out the Team Page to meet them.