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R2Devops 1.33.3 Release

Docker Image Versions

  • Backend: v1.31.5
  • Frontend: v1.29.3
  • Helm chart: v1.33.3

✨ Include templates more efficiently with project include

Project include is now the officially supported way to include R2Devops templates, offering:

  • Support of local nested templates
  • R2Devops is not anymore a dependency to run your pipelines
  • No template token required to use private template (uses GitLab authorizations)
  • Reduced latency to launch pipelines
  • No more network configuration required for GitLab instance to reach R2Devops instance


  • Previous include:remote:
      - remote: ''
  • New include:project:
      - project: 'r2devops/hub'
        ref: 'docker_build@2.0.1'
        file: 'jobs/docker_build/docker_build.yml'

No breaking changes for existing include:remote usages

Existing pipelines using include:remote will continue to work as intended

👁️ Visibility and documentation improvements

  • Template visibility: The visibility of a template is now the same as the visibility of its GitLab repository
  • Improved documentation: The documentation for templates has been revised for better clarity and user experience