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R2Devops 1.16.0 release

Docker images versions

  • Backend: v1.15.0
  • Frontend: v1.11.0

📈 Groups analysis significant capacity boost

  • R2Devops now supports the scanning of up to 50,000 projects within the same organization. Which allows you to manage even larger CI/CD ecosystems with ease.

Pagination for Tables and Filtering Options

  • New pagination feature for tables within the R2Devops dashboard. Tables are split into multiple pages, making it easier to navigate and find the information you need.

  • We've added new filtering options. These filters provide granular control over your CI/CD resources, allowing you to quickly narrow down your search.

Gif of runners dashboard

Minor updates

Example of badges

  • Self-hosted instance can now add any images coming for any hosts on their template documentation