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R2Devops 1.27.0 Release

Docker Image Versions

  • Backend: v1.25.0
  • Frontend: v1.21.0

Chart Helm Version


📡 Analyze Entire GitLab Instance | Self-Managed Only

  • Self-managed users have the option to select the entire instance for every page, enhancing usability and flexibility.

  • Get the CI/CD dashboard for your entire GitLab instance.

Analyze Entire Instance

To trigger an analysis on the entire instance, GitLab administrator rights are necessary.

Dashboard Analysis

📊 Supplychain control coverage

  • The dashboard includes a progress bar displaying the percentage of analyzed projects within the current group. This indicator allows users to quickly identify their supply chain control coverage.

Starter License: (Free for 10 Projects)

Dashboard Analysis

Premium License: (Ex: Limited to 100 Projects)

Dashboard Analysis

🔧 Minor Updates and Improvements

  • Improved performance of the CI/CD Editor when working with selected jobs.
  • Renamed organization input to group input for clarity.
  • Removed locked features for self-managed localhost installations.
  • Added a quick action to initiate the creation of a group when no groups are visible on GitLab for the current user.
  • Added an option to hide/show the analysis summaries.